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Vardhaman Extrusion


VARDHAMAN GROUP has been a pioneering and specialized establishment engaged in Research, Development, Manufacturer, Import & Exports and Marketing of Architectural Hardware fittings for Aluminium, UPVC and Glass Industry. We at VARDHAMAN GROUP partners with clients to generate
solutions that foster productivity, performance and effectiveness. Adhering to the utmost ethical morals and obsessed by a single-minded pursuit of excellence, we aspire to surpass client’s expectations.


In-house processes, In-depth solutions from the drawing board to the dispatch area; we have a wide range of highly automated processes under one roof. Using hi-end software, our Design & Development department successfully takes up R&D and tooling of diverse products. We at VARDHAMAN GROUP are supplying and delivering high quality products and services to these industries through a TEAM of highly skilled labor

CROME, the first in-house brand of Vardhaman Group, has been a game-changer ever since its inception in 2007. It has been instrumental in driving growth and development of various innovative and high-quality products. With its success, CROME has paved the way for the introduction of new brands under the Vardhaman Group. Join the winning team and experience the transformative power of CROME.